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My Autobiography

What's Up again. (If you read the info on my Home Page skip this first part because it's the same).

Here is some information about me that you probably don't care about yet I'll write it anyway:

I go to Goddard Middle School.
My little brother is Baby Seale (Parker).
Earlier this month we had a dance and I got to dance with a girl named Tara.
I have brown hair and eyes.
I'm good at poker and black jack.
I like sushi and orange chicken.
I like to skate and longboard (I'm not very good at skating but again I do it anyway).
I like to play guitar and I have a white Les Paul Custom.
I am on my school flag football team.
I go to Glenkirk church.
I am a nerd cause I have a 4.0.
I am in 8th grade.

I was born on March 23, 1995. I'm 13 now. I have 3 little brothers. I live in a house (well that's sort of a "no duh"). I was home schooled for a couple of years and then I went to Cullen.

I'm just gonna finish there for 2 reasons: one I can't think of anything else to write and two no who cares about my life story anyway.
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